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Drambond specialises in Bonded Warehousing, with a particular emphasis on maturation warehouses for the Scotch Whisky industry. Our team collectively boasts 35 years of experience in Warehousing and Cask Maturation. The construction of Drambond Arbroath, the company's inaugural maturation warehouse, is currently underway and is slated to commence operations in September 2024. Designed to the highest standards for a bonded warehouse, Drambond Arbroath will offer more than 45,000 sq/ft of cask storage space, providing customers with a secure facility for long-term storage. In addition to long-term storage, customers will also have access to additional services, including cask filling and reworking.


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Maturation Warehouse Specialists

At Drambond, we excel in every stage of cask management. Our expertise in cask maturation uses a range of oak casks to develop unique flavours, closely monitored for optimal ageing. Our precise filling and disgorging processes ensure each cask is handled with care, preserving the spirit's quality. Accurate regauging maintains consistent volume, while skilled cask re-racking optimises storage conditions. Our comprehensive product sampling ensures each batch meets our high standards, delivering exceptional spirits every time.

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Conveniently located between the Lowlands and Speyside, Drambond Arbroath is ideally situated for distillers from all corners of Scotland. Our prime location ensures easy access for transporting casks and spirits, making us a central hub for the Scottish whisky industry.

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Drambond Arbroath, Kirkton Industrial Estate, Arbroath, DD11 3RD


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Drambond Arbroath, Kirkton Industrial Estate, Arbroath, DD11 3RD

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